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Front Range Brewing

By November 23, 2020 No Comments

We are locally owned! Front Range is owned and operated by the Hoglund’s: Barb, Ron & Austin and the Nichols’s; Torianna & Mitchell. Meeting the family has never been easier then coming in and buying a beer!
“Expand Your Range” is our motto and a prefect way to explain our approach to crafting beers. We enjoy stepping away from style guides and utilizing the vast varieties of Barley, Hops & Yeasts available to craft brewers today, in order to create our own take on Craft Styles in an industry full of innovation.

Our beers speak for themselves but we have had the privilege of taking home multiple medals in competition over the last serval years and continue pushing for more!

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12-7pm Tuesday-Sunday

Closed Mondays

400 W South Boulder Rd #1650, Lafayette, CO 80026

(303) 339-0767