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Lucy’s Burgers [BOGO]

By October 10, 2017 No Comments

Notice: SAME beer for the BOGO.

Who is Lucy?

They get asked that question all the time. Who is Lucy? Where did the name come from?

The answer typically given is:  Lucy is Rob’s Great, Great, Great Nobody.

The real answer is simple. Rob Scott and Joel Kunza were sitting around having a few drinks, complaining that there were no good casual food options nearby.  Nowhere you could just grab a burger, a beer, and catch a game.  You can get Fine Dining, Pizza, Chinese, Bar Food, or Fast Food, all day every day, but you can’t get a fresh burger, and a beer without driving an hour to get there.

A few Beers later Rob and Joel decided to fill that void…………. After a few more beers and a couple of internet domain searches, Lucy’s Burgers was born.

The next morning, they crafted a plan.

  • The Menu – Everything had to be made from scratch, sourced as local as possible, with only the finest ingredients. The recipes had to have unique flavor combinations that you can’t really get anywhere else. Rob and Joel spent countless hours on R & D, tirelessly tasting every creation; it was pain staking work but someone had to do it, to make sure that only the best creations would make the menu.
  • Beer – Only the Best Craft Beers and Brews. Rob and Joel were committed to making sure that everything was perfect; so once again they spent months trying countless Local Brews to ensure that Lucy’s has the best selection possible. Because of their commitment and tireless effort Lucy’s Burgers offers over 50 craft brews with local options you may not find everywhere else.
  • Burgers of the Moments – Unique daily features to keep the menu fresh with something new all the time. After months of taste testing, Rob and Joel wanted to make sure they could try something new all the time. The Burger of the Moment was born to make sure there is always something new and exciting on the menu.

The Location – It had to be close to home, and it needed to have a look and feel that makes it feel like your home away from home.  That’s why Rob and Joel deferred to Katie for décor.

In April 2017 Lucy’s Burgers opened its doors. With bold flavors, only the finest quality ingredients, local brews, and service that is sure to keep you coming back for more. Stop in and give them a try; you may find Rob or Joel taste testing the latest creation, or checking out the new addition to the Tap lineup.



Daily 11am-11pm

Lucy’s Burgers | Facebook

1190 County Rd J
White Bear Lake, MN 55127