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Uptown Tavern

By February 26, 2016 No Comments

uptown tavernUptown Tavern

The Uptown Tavern was created from a belief that you deserve to eat good, quality food without compromising style and fun. With two floors of dining, this hip urban restaurant is the perfect setting for sipping craft beer and savoring a menu of bold flavors while enjoying views of the Uptown. There is something for everyone at the tavern: it’s Minneapolis-friendly, slightly kitschy, and memorable. It’s relaxing, energetic, and fun. The menu has many staples, but it’s always changing. They have specials every day of the week and amazing happy hours! There’s new stuff to look at, and new stuff to try. This explains the regulars, even those who’ll drive an hour to be here. It’s an entity—a family—not merely a restaurant. 


Mon-Fri 3pm-2am
Sat-Sun 10am-2am

Visit Uptown Tavern.

1400 Lagoon Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55408
(612) 824-3333