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Do you love beer? Because we do. We don’t believe that beer is just about the flavor, it’s about the experience of enjoying your favorite beverage while with your favorite people. At Ursula Brewery, we’re developing a more diverse range of beer including Belgian, German, and historical beers, and doing our hardest work trying to get that beer into the hands of our customers.

We have an amazing, knowledgeable staff that help you find the right beer for your taste buds.

Have furry friends? Bring them! We keep treats behind the bar for them.

Have kids? They are welcome as well! Delicious food is available from the Cedar Creek Pub (across the street). They will deliver their entire menu right to your table.

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2101 North Ursula Street
Aurora, CO 80045


Monday-Wednesday 3pm-9pm
Thursday-Saturday 12pm-9pm