What is Craftapped?
Craftapped is a local craft beer club. Each month you get 10 craft beers at our 140+ partner breweries and bars between MN & WI. Explore the latest craft brews or just go with your favorite, the choice is yours. Join anytime and start your craft beer adventure immediately. Want more details? Check out our FAQ

+ Discover New Craft Beers
+ Exclusive Member Meet-ups
+ Use Immediately with our Smartphone App
+ No Waiting for Mail

How It Works

You get 10 craft beer credits on your phone each month to redeem at our partner establishments, just download our smartphone app to use.

You pick the place:
choose from any of our 140+ partners

You pick the beer:
each credit is good for a craft beer of your choice*. Visit our Partners page and explore!
*Select Partners offer BOGO only

From Our Members

“In my first two months I've discovered three 'new' beer venues that weren't really on my radar. Craftapped helps you find those new places and people that enjoy craft beer as much as you do! All while supporting local businesses! And the partner list continues to grow throughout the metro area. Sign up for a trial, come to a happy hour and find out more while meeting some awesome people! ”


“Craftapped is a great opportunity for both avid beer enthusiasts and those interested in exploring what craft beer has to offer. Personally, I really enjoy using Craftapped to organize social events as they can be redeemed at restaurants, taprooms, bars, and gastropubs throughout the greater Twin Cities area.”