Craftapped has arrived in Michigan.

Get drink specials at your favorite breweries, distilleries and more.

Michigan Membership back on sale for just: $9.99 for 12 months of Craftapped.  (Offer good for Michigan residents only.) Because we’re just getting started in your area, you’ll save 80% OFF our normal $98, 12-month membership price.  You get 10 visits a month (120 in a year) for a deal of 50% off your first two drinks.  That’s over $700 in savings!

Travelling?  You can take Craftapped with you to any of the states we have partners in. We are have over 60 Michigan partners (with many more on the way)

 You can read more about our program here.  FAQ

(please note that Craftapped is NOT a beer delivery or mail order service)

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Current Michigan Partners

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  1. 3 Gatos Brewery
  2. Acoustic Tap Room
  3. Alcona Brew Haus
  4. Alma Brewing Company
  5. Arctic Circle Brewing Company
  6. Austin Brothers Beer Company
  7. B. Nektar
  8. Bearded Lamb Brewing
  9. Block Brewing : Howell
  10. Block Brewing : Brighton
  11. Brew Detroit
  12. Brooks Brewing : Charter Township
  13. Brooks Brewing: Ferndale
  14. Cadillac Straits Brewing Company
  15. Cap N’ Cork Brewing
  16. Copper Hop Brewing Company
  17. Creston Brewing Company
  18. Draught Horse Brewing Company
  19. Detroit Beer Company
  20. Dimes Brewhouse
  21. Downey Brewing Company
  22. Draught House Brewery
  23. Eternity Brewing Company
  24. Farmington Brewing
  25. Final Gravity Brewing Company (Decatur)
  26. Final Gravity Brewing Company (Kalamazoo)
  27. Flat River Brewing
  28. Forgotten Ciders
  29. Fourth Coast Ciderworks
  30. Hopside Brewery
  31. Jamex Brewing
  32. Les Cheneaux Distillers
  33. Loaded Dice Brewing
  34. MichiGrain Distillery
  35. Middlecoast Brewing Co.
  36. Midtown Brewing Co.
  37. Motor City Brewing Works – Canfield
  38. Motor City Brewing Works – Livernois
  39. Mountain Town Brewing Co.
  40. North Center Brewing Company
  41. Pigeon Hill Brewing
  42. Pux Cider Farm
  43. Railtown Brewing Company
  44. Redwood Steakhouse and Brewery
  45. Rochester Mills Beer Co.
  46. Rockford Brewing Company
  47. Saucy Brew Works
  48. Saugatuck Brewing Company
  49. Saugatuck Brewing Company: Kalamazoo
  50. Stiggs Brewery
  51. St Johns Brewing Co
  52. Steampunk Tap Room
  53. SuperNatural Brewing and Spirits
  54. Superior Culture
  55. The Garage Bar
  56. The Royal Oak Brewery
  57. Three Bridges Distillery and Taproom
  58. Thumb Brewery
  59. Unity Vibration Kombucha
  60. Valhalla Kalamazoo
  61. Warner BrewHaus
  62. Workshop Brewing Company

(more are on the way!)

In 2016, four guys in Minneapolis who really like drinking great beer had a bright idea. They had observed that craft brewers were always trying to get new people to sample their brews since that’s the best way to transform a beer enthusiast into a beer customer. These same guys realized that if they got their friends and friends of friends to join them, they could convince brewers to give some free beer to the whole gang.

Our first brewery Happy Hour when we had under 100 members

Holy cow. It worked.

Brewers saw an influx of new faces—many of whom turned into new customers. Friends, friends of friends and even some of their friends enjoyed a ton of great beer. Eureka. Craftapped was born and a website was built so even more beer enthusiasts could join the party. A modest membership fee covered the cost of putting the program together, running it and eventually a smartphone app. Since then, we’ve grown to over 20,000 members and 500 partners. We’ve expanded into Wisconsin and are now open in Missouri, Michigan, Colorado, Florida, Arizona, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and more to come soon!

Craftapped members use the smartphone app to get up to ten beverages per month (up to two a day) at our partner breweries and distilleries. They can also use the app for buy one/get one (BOGO) deals at partner bars and restaurants. In Arizona the 10 beers a month are good for 50% off your first 2 pints.

Happy Hours today average 100-150 Craftapped members

Craftapped also regularly hosts events at local breweries where you can meet other Craftapped members, win prizes and play clever beer-related games and contests. Basically, Craftapped is just a great deal for our members and our partners. Everybody wins!
Receive Credits

Receive Credits

You receive 10 craft drink credits each month to redeem at partner establishments through our mobile app.

Pick the Place

Explore the latest craft beers, or ciders at any of our 420+ partners or just go with your favorite — the choice is yours.

Pick Your Drink

Each credit is good for a craft beverage of your choice.
*Select Partners and areas offer BOGO only also referred to as 50% off first 2 drinks in some states

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