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What is Craftapped?

Craftapped is a marketing company that specializes in promoting craft beverages and the places that make them.  We get people to visit breweries, distilleries, cideries and more by using our Mobile APP (or you can use our website).

In Louisiana you get buy 1, get 1 free for your redemptions.  Every month you get 10 visits to the partners of your choice.  You can re-visit your favorite ones each month. That is 120 visits a year. Just 2 visits in a year and you have paid yourself back with the savings!

Don’t worry we will be adding a lot more brewery partners over the next few months.  That’s why we are offering you year 2 for the same price.  To thank you for being an early member in your great state.

We’ve been in business since 2015 and are now in 14 states with over 700+ partners for you to choose from to visit.

When you sign up today your membership is good for the next 12 months.  Our program does not run out at the end of the year (like some other passports do)

Please Note that we are not a beer delivery service.

You must be a full time resident of the state of Louisiana to buy this membership

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You can read more about our program here.  FAQ

Current Louisiana Partners (click for a map)

    1. Abita Brewing Company
    2. Bywater Brew Pub
    3. Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ (Baton Rouge)
    4. Faubourg Brewing Company
    5. Gilla Brewing Company
    6. Gnarly Barley Brewing
    7. Junction NOLA
    8. Le Chien Brewing
    9. Low Road Brewing
    10. Mudbug Brewing
    11. NOLA Brewing
    12. Port Orleans Brewing Company
    13. Rally Cap Brewing Company
    14. Skeeta Hawk Brewing
    15. Tin Roof Brewing Company
    16. Urban South Brewery
In 2016, four guys in Minneapolis who really like drinking great beer had a bright idea. They had observed that craft brewers were always trying to get new people to sample their brews since that’s the best way to transform a beer enthusiast into a beer customer. These same guys realized that if they got their friends and friends of friends to join them, they could convince brewers to give some free beer to the whole gang.

Our first brewery Happy Hour when we had under 100 members

Holy cow. It worked.

Brewers saw an influx of new faces—many of whom turned into new customers. Friends, friends of friends and even some of their friends enjoyed a ton of great beer. Eureka. Craftapped was born and a website was built so even more beer enthusiasts could join the party. A modest membership fee covered the cost of putting the program together, running it and eventually a smartphone app. Since then, we’ve grown to over 20,000 members and 500 partners. We’ve expanded into Wisconsin and are now open in Missouri, Michigan, Colorado, Florida, Arizona, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and more to come soon!

Craftapped members use the smartphone app to get up to ten beverages per month (up to two a day) at our partner breweries and distilleries. They can also use the app for buy one/get one (BOGO) deals at partner bars and restaurants.

Happy Hours today average 100-150 Craftapped members

Craftapped also regularly hosts events at local breweries where you can meet other Craftapped members, win prizes and play clever beer-related games and contests. Basically, Craftapped is just a great deal for our members and our partners. Everybody wins!
Receive Credits

Receive Credits

You receive 10 craft drink credits each month to redeem at partner establishments through our mobile app.

Pick the Place

Explore the latest craft beers, or ciders at any of our 700+ partners or just go with your favorite — the choice is yours.

Pick Your Drink

Each credit is good for a craft beverage of your choice. Visit our Partners page and explore!
*Select Partners offer BOGO only.

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