Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are the beer credits redeemable at any of the listed places or are they only good for certain places each month?

The credits are redeemable at any of our listed partner establishments, but you can’t redeem at the same partner more than once per month depending on your credit refresh date. As a reminder: tips are NOT included, so please tip your wonderful serving staff. 

2) How do I use a BOGO?

BOGO= Buy One, Get One (free). You get a complementary beer by redeeming one of your credits at a BOGO partner, (as notated on our Partner Map or listing) AFTER an initial purchase of a first beer. BOGO are only to be select brewery, bar and or restaurant locations. NOTE: Craftapped venues may require BOGO pours be the same beer. They may also require that the BOGO beers be consumed by the redeeming member only. 

3) With the credits, how many are redeemable per trip?

You may redeem 1 credit per partner, per month (month/reset based on original day of signup), but you may use up to 2 per day by redeeming 1 each at two different partners.

4) Why can’t I just use all my credits at one place, or in one trip?

Craftapped is built on the premise of pushing people out of their routines, and getting them to try new things. We want our members to use all their credits over the course of the month, but not rush out and burn them all up in one hazy, hard-to-remember night. Your complementary beverage is meant as a starter, we encourage you to purchase an additional beverage or more- just use your judgement and enjoy responsibly. 

We believe a craft beverage is best enjoyed in a relaxed social setting, where you can strike up a casual conversation with the bartender and the person sitting next to you, while trying the various offerings (both food and drink) of a particular brewery, bar, or restaurant. We also want people to branch out from their usual stops, and try some of the places, new and old, which help make our craft beer scene so spectacular. 

To achieve this, we have placed certain limits on our credit redemption, both to help keep our partners from being overrun, and to encourage our members to enjoy their adult libation, and the experience of trying new places, meeting new people, and maybe even finding a new favorite place to hang out on a regular basis.

5) Can the credits be used any time, or are they only good on certain days?

Generally, there are not restrictions on what days, or times the credits can be redeemed. There may, however, be some limitations on using credits at special events- (beer release parties, festivals, etc.). 

6) Are there restrictions on which beers I can get?

We make every effort to give our members full control over which beers can be ordered when redeeming a Craftapped credit. However, there are some breweries that will only offer their flagship beers as selections and, on occasions, certain specialty pours, cask conditioned or barrel aged beers may be excluded.  You should identify yourself as a Craftapped member when placing your order so if there are any restrictions the server can let you know. 

Most partners do not honor Craftapped during their normal Happy Hour pricing or in conjunction with any other discounts so just take advantage of whatever special they have when you visit.  Save that Craftapped credit for another time.

7) What size beer do I get when redeeming a Craftapped credit?

Each credit is redeemable for a full-size beer. The exact pour may vary from partner to partner and beer to beer, but should generally be a pint, or pint equivalent.  Typically cans, growlers, crowlers are not included in our deal.  

8) Can I buy 1 membership for my husband and me to share?

Unfortunately, no – each Craftapped membership tied to a specific person, and cannot be shared between couples, families, or friends. It’s such a good deal to begin with, so share the love… not the membership, get them one too!

9) When you say 10 credits per month, is that a calendar month or every 30 days?

The credits are good for ~30 days. If you join on the 14th of the month, you’ll get you next batch on the 14th the next month. If you join on the 30th or 31st, you may see some slight variation depending on how many days are in a given month.

10) I received a Craftapped digital-giftcard membership, how do I get signed up?

These gift memberships function like e-gift cards. Simply add the corresponding product to your cart, enter the gift code into the coupon code box, click apply, and the gift amount will be subtracted from the total. Complete the checkout process to finish setting up your account. Please note that gift codes are only valid on our multi-month memberships and will not work with the monthly offering.

11) How do the member happy hours work, and can I use one of my credits there?

Our Happy Hours are informal gatherings of Craftapped staff and members to enjoy craft beer and conversation in our partner establishments. We set up a Craftapped sign on a nearby table, members come up to chat with us, and then, (in most instances) we give them a token or ticket for drawings that are for some great prizes for our members.  

You can redeem a credit at the Happy Hour if you haven’t already redeemed one yet at that venue during your current credit cycle.

12) I just bought a membership, now what?

You should receive a welcome email with a link to instructions for using our digital beer redemption system. If you haven’t received that email, please click here to view the instructions.

Using Craftapped is very simple, just log in to your account from the “let’s get started” page from within the app and you will be automatically redirected to the main screen.

Your membership does start from the day you sign up so make sure you get out there and use it.

13) How do I cancel re-billing

Click Here for Instructions

If you forget to cancel your auto renew please email us within’ 30 days and we will gladly refund your money on your most recent renewal charge, if you haven’t used it since the renewal.  Just simply email us at [email protected] and we will take care of it for you.  Please note that the month to month memberships are not refundable.

We also send out an email reminding you of your upcoming renewal. If you unsubscribe from our mailing list you will not get this so please consider staying subscribed while your membership is active.

Please note that there are no refunds for Gift Card orders.

If you file any sort of credit card dispute we lose the ability to refund your money until the dispute is resolved, so please keep that in mind.  The quickest and best way to get a refund is to email us.

14) Where is your App? 

Great question, it’s here! 

Apple App Store

Google Play

And, if you need instructions on how to redeem and rate your beers, check out this HERE.

15) Can I renew using a Groupon/Living Social Deal? Can I renew another Groupon/Living Social with having a current Groupon/Living Social Membership?

Yes you can renew with another discount coupon (but, you must wait until your current subscription has expired out). However, we would love to have you renew directly with us, as it helps better provide for an improved user experience, bringing on new partners near you, as well aid in expanding to different regions throughout the country. Groupon/Living Social deals are intended for new members, we offer the same great deals and sometimes even better ones than you may find on Groupon/Living Social for those who wish to renew directly with us. Just keep an eye out in your email for those offers once it is coming time for your subscription to renew. 

You must also buy a Groupon good for the state you live in.  For example if you live in MN you must have a Groupon sold for MN.  If you do not do this we may cancel your account or pro-rate the membership for the time you paid for. 

16) You must use a valid email address.

All accounts must have a valid email address.  Any accounts found without a working email address will be cancelled.  You may not have two accounts either.  Anyone found with a second account will be cancelled and not allowed to rejoin Craftapped

17) Can I use Craftapped when I travel?

Yes! If you travel to another state where we have partners you can bring Craftapped with you and use it.

18) How does it work at a Pour Your Own partner?

Typically you will get one “pour” at no extra cost.  You will usually buy your credits in advance and the discount would be taken at that time from your bill.  We do not have a lot of partners that use this format so please refer to their partner page in the APP for specifics on how they handle the redemption.

19) Do I have to buy a membership for the state I live in?  

Yes.  You do have to buy a membership for the state you current live/reside in.  Craftapped is priced based on how many partners we have in a particular area and if we do find someone who has purchased a membership for a state that they do not live in we will cancel it.  If you live in Wisconsin but within’ 50 miles of the MN Border you must have a MN Memebership.  For example, if you list a FL address but redeem in MN more than half of the year you will be required to have a MN Membership.

If you live in a state that we do not operate in but spend time in the winter in Florida or Arizona (where we do have partners) you can buy a membership in one of those states.

20) Members code of conduct.

We do expect our members to treat the staff at our partners with respect.  Please keep in mind that these are small businesses and they work hard to bring you the great beers, liquors, seltzers, ciders, etc. so please do your very best to always be kind and courteous.   Please tip and if you can leave a good online review for the places you visit it does do them a lot of good in the long run.

Please be aware that if we do hear of any abusive behavior from a member at a partner establishment we will cancel your membership immediately.

21) I’d like my account information deleted.

If you have cancelled your account but would also like us to delete all of your personal details from our system just email us at [email protected].  Keep in mind that if you do that you will no longer have any ability to sign back up without re-registering and all of your history with Craftapped will be lost.