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Created by craft beverage lovers for craft beverage lovers. Craftapped brings together good people and great local establishments, who make and sell craft beverages that range from beer, ciders, seltzers, and cocktails . Enjoy 10 beers every month*, with any of our 700+ MN, WI, MO, IA, FL,AZ,MI,ND,SD and CO partners, and become well versed in the local craft beverage scene – get out and try them all.

*Refreshed on day you originally signed up, each month.

* Limit of 1 membership per order. If you want to order one for a friend you’ll need another email address and a separate transaction. (you can also buy them a gift card)

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*This deal is only available to residents in Florida. If you’ve had a previous membership with Craftapped in another state you can not buy this. This is for new members only.

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