3 Month Membership

$19.99 every 3 months

Don’t want 1 big yearly payment for your Craftapped membership?  Try a 3 month membership at only $19.99.

Some highlights of what you get with Craftapped.

10 visits a month to the partners of your choice for a BOGO beverage deal.  That’s up to 120 visits a year to the brewery partners of your choice. That’s up to $900 a year in savings.

Re-visit any partner you want the next month.  Up to 12 visits per year to your favorite spots. Other programs limit you to just 1 visit per year per partner.

Sign up today and your membership will last 1 year (or 6 months) from your starting date.

Take Craftapped with you when you travel at no extra costs.


All memberships do auto renew.


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Try a 3 month membership for just $19.99