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BEERVENTUROUS ® is our motto and driving force behind our beers. We focus on three main categories: Craft Lagers, Adventurous Ales & Original Blends. Using unique, premium, worldly ingredients to achieve the perfect brew is what we strive for.

— Craft Lagers —
Inspired by the brisk latitude and rooted in tradition, we craft lagers with precision and nuance using time honored techniques.

— Adventurous Ales —
Embracing the Viking adventurous nature and brewed for the bold north, we construct exciting ales using simple, real ingredients and a modern approach.

— Original Blends —
Our most experimental category. Our original blends utilize our winery connection to create unique hybrids, co-fermented and wood-aged beers that embody our spirit and estate.


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6693 County Road 34 NW
Building B
Alexandria, MN 56308

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