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Bauhaus Brew Labs

By October 27, 2015 No Comments

**Craftapped credits are good at Bauhaus for any beverage – beer, soda or kombucha**

Before you here is a family of musicians, scientists, artists and above all – beer lovers, aiming to reinvigorate the spirit of the family brewery. Bauhaus takes a unique look at classic German-inspired beer styles, skewed slightly by a sense of play and adventure. Bauhaus produces flavor-forward, sessionable beers, crafted to surprise and delight without taxing the palate.

Bauhaus Brew Labs produces four year-round beers:
Wonderstuff (Neu Bohemian Pilsner), Stargrazer (German style Swhwarzbier), Wagon Party (West Coast style lager), and Sky-Five (Midwest Coast IPA), as well as several seasonal offerings.

The whimsical nature of the entire Bauhaus Brew Labs crew is reflected in everything they do, from the colorful and welcoming party atmosphere of the taproom to the way the reach out to craft beer fans everywhere. That playful attitude is arguably on display best in their collection of videos. You’re doing yourself a favor, and are in line for more than several laughs, by taking a minute and watching what they do!

Click here to watch Bauhaus Brew Labs videos

Beer list

1315 Tyler Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
(612) 276-6911
[email protected]

Wednesday and Thursday  4pm – 11pm
Friday  3pm – 11pm
Saturday  Noon – 11pm

Website  |  Events  |  Facebook

Don’t forget to keep an eye on special events at Bauhaus Brew Labs.
There’s always something special happening.
You’ll become a full-fledged “Hausler” before you know it!