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Bruz Beers

By June 12, 2019 No Comments

Hand-crafted Traditional and Cutting Edge Belgian-inspired Beers.

Belgium is a country the size of Maryland that produces more than 450 beers in a broad range of styles. Belgium has one of the most diverse, unique and creative beer cultures on the planet.

The Belgian passion for breaking the rules to produce truly adventurous brews inspired us to open Bruz Beers in America’s craft beer capitol.

We look forward to your visiting the brewery and sampling our collection of fine ales and lagers. Brewery tours, beer brewing classes and tastings offered.

Co-founders Charlie Gottenkieny and Ryan Evans have a long-standing passion for the fine handcrafted beers of Belgium. From traditional Belgian styles to innovative Belgian-inspired creations, Bruz Beers is bringing that passion for excellence to Colorado.

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1675 W. 67th Avenue #100
Denver, Colorado 80221

(303) 650-2337


Open Daily