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A microbrewery in the South Denver Metro area all about making great beer and having good times. 16 different brews on tap and ready

With every action there is a reaction. For us a strong foundation of dedication to trades such as mechanics, ironwork and carpentry was laid early in life. With the love of these trades the need to create was always a must and that is what brings us to this point of wanting to share our beers with the public. We never focus on pleasing just one style since we love just about all of them and while not every beer we brew will be the perfect student in its category it will be one that will get the craft beer loving palate craving more with each sip.

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DENVER, CO 80223


Monday Closed
Tuesday 3–9PM
Wednesday 3–9PM
Thursday 3–9PM
Friday 12–10PM
Saturday 12–10PM
Sunday 12–8PM