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When Fulton Beer was founded in 2009, the four guys were homebrewing out of a South Minneapolis garage and contract brewing at a small Wisconsin brewery. Their dream was to build a real Minneapolis brewery in the next 5-10 years, and quit their day jobs along the way. They never guessed they’d build two Minneapolis breweries in three years. Looks like being wrong can sometimes be awesome.

Fulton produces a wide range of beers. They have 5 flagship beers that are produced year-round (Lonely Blonde, The Ringer, Stadard, 300, and Sweet Child of Vine). They also have 5 series’ of specialty beers. From Lonely Blonde to Barrel Aged Expat, there’s something for everyone at Fulton.

Beer List

Taproom hours:
Tue-Thu 3-10pm
Fri 3-11pm
Sat noon-11pm
Sun noon-6pm

Visit Fulton Beer.

414 6th Avenue N.
Minneapolis, MN 55401