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Craft Beer comes with a little bit of ingenuity, attention to detail, and lots of R&D. Along the road you find what you like, and what you don’t, and this has honestly been some of the best part. A few years back we started our venture in brewing during a Super Bowl Sunday brewing out of a bucket; feeling pretty good about the results we dove right in. How hard could this be, right? Turns out there’s a lot that goes into actually brewing up something special, so we started by lots and lots of R&D, going to local breweries indulging in the delights they had to offer and guiding our ship accordingly. One thing we new for sure was that we liked traditional style ales and lagers, so we plotted a course to perfect a simple line up of flagship beers with a variety of color, body, with a traditional taste. So for the next few years we brewed and then brewed some more slowly perfecting our craft one beer at a time. Come check out Lotawana Brewing today.

This year we will proudly open our flagship location in our home town of Lake Lotawana, this is truly a story of good friends and good beers

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9420 S. Shrout Rd.
Grainvalley, MO, 64029


Wednesday 4pm-10pm
Thursday. 4pm-10pm
Friday 4pm-10pm
Saturday 12pm-10pm
Sunday 12pm-6pm