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Smack Shack [BOGO]

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Smack Shack

AS OF APRIL 16th, this is a BOGO (buy-one-beer-use-one-credit-to-get-one-free-beer) establishment.

Although named for the boats used to catch lobster, Smack Shack was launched as a food truck in 2010, serving lobster rolls from a land-locked downtown Minneapolis parking lot. Owner Josh Thoma had a great recipe and a belief that the appetite for fresh lobster in the Twin Cities was as strong as any coastal city.

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Open for lunch & dinner 7 days a week, beginning at 11 am.

**Craftapped is only accepted at the North Loop Minneapolis location**

Menu | Reservations

Smack Shack
603 N. Washington Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55401
(612) 259-7288