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Broken Bat Brewing

By March 1, 2019 No Comments

Broken Bat Brewing Co. steps up to the plate in Milwaukee’s historic Third Ward, a baseball-themed taproom and sports bar that features plentiful seating and multiple televisions for every spectator’s viewing pleasure. The vision of lifelong friends Tim Pauly and Dan McElwee, these key players on the field and in the batting order bring you specialties on tap, with a tip of the cap, in homage to America’s Pastime.

Cheer loudly for the home team turning the Double Play, a (double) IPA, of course. There’s Climb the Wall Farmhouse Ale, which may inspire Field of Dreams visions. Straight Chedd is an apricot ale and fan favorite. Also in the lineup is Mint Condition, the clubhouse porter that features just a hint of infused mint. The roster of beers will be expanded throughout the regular season, prior to the trade deadline.

As Tim and Dan say, “In baseball, when a bat breaks, it’s something unexpected. And that’s essentially what our beer is going to be like, and what the brewery is going to be – something different and unexpected.”

Beer List

135 E. Pittsburgh Ave.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204



Tuesday through Thursday 4pm-10pm
Friday 3pm-11pm
Saturday Noon-11pm
Sunday Noon-6pm
Monday closed

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