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Sown along the Colorado plateau, Fenceline is dedicated to reviving America’s cider tradition, working with historic local orchards to build quality cider from the apple up.

Set at the base of the La Plata mountains, our apples grow amidst the upper tributaries of the mighty Colorado river, flourishing in Montezuma county’s rich soil and arid climate. They are the foundation of our artisan cider, undergoing cold, slow fermentation to allow for a drier, more delicate apple flavor often lost in the sugar-packed alternatives lining the shelf at local liquor stores.

We believe roots are important, which is why we source our apples from local growers that have perfected their craft over generations. With varietals that date back nearly 100 years, we build ciders that echo the classic potables of England and France from the cradle of our mountain community, establishing Southwest Colorado on the International cider map.

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141 S Main Street
Mancos, Colorado, 81328


Thursday – Sunday | 2 PM – 8 PM