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Thor’s Hard Cider

By October 1, 2020 No Comments

One evening, a few Aamodt family members were debating our favorite local craft brews. We all agreed they were far better than ho-hum mass market beers. Then, we started thinking: What if we could do the same thing for hard apple cider? In late 2016, we put the plan into motion. After harvesting the last of the apple crop, we put our traditional cider press into action for a whole new purpose: creating our own traditional hard ciders. We branded it Thor’s Hard Cider—after Thor Aamodt, our great-grandfather and founder of Aamodt’s Apple Farm.

As fourth-generation apple farmers, we Aamodt’s know our apples. And it turns out we have a natural ability to blend really great hard cider brews. Amazing things happen when you toss some Minnesota Honeycrisp mixed with tart Haralson and a few other varieties into the press—and then let the natural fermentation process do its magical thing.

Thor’s Hard Cider is authentic. Most mass-market hard ciders begin with preserved apple juice concentrate. Thor’s is made from fresh-pressed, full-strength, locally-grown apples with no preservatives. The entire process happens at our Stillwater, MN orchard. The apples are grown, harvested, pressed and brewed at Aamodt’s Apple Farm

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